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Maggie Sill and Kalli Dahlberg, 11/6/2023, 9:45pm

Research by Kathleen Ultis 

     The start of the school year is a time of anxiety, joy, and new beginnings for many students. But for some Running Start students, it was a time of confusion and isolation. On the first day of school, Running Start students were approached during their ‘free’ periods by administrators and informed of a new policy.


     The policy given to The Cascade is as follows: If a student is enrolled at Ingraham and another school (Running Start, skill center, internships, etc.) they can access the campus when they have classes at Ingraham. When they don’t have classes at Ingraham, they are expected to go to their other enrolled school.


     For many Running Start students, this policy was upsetting. Many students relied on the time at school during their ‘free’ periods to study, attend zoom meetings, and complete work. Many were left confused as to why the policy was needed, while others were frustrated at the lack of communication.   


Photo by Lucas Martin

Alden Whitlow, 12/11/2023, 8:45pm

        On Sunday December 3rd, the College Football Playoff (CFP) Committee released the top 25 college football teams in the nation. Unlike the AP poll or the USA Today poll, the rankings for the CFP are decided by 13 people at 1:30am. According to Sports Illustrated writer James Parks, “The selection committee members elected to snub an undefeated conference champion Florida State.” For context, The CFP only lets the top 4 teams into the playoffs, Florida State went undefeated and did not get in for a few reasons, the biggest being an injury to their star quarterback Jordan Travis. Ingraham is the 24th best high school in the Seattle area and the 3rd best high school in Seattle Public Schools (SPS), according to ratings on This article was supposed to show how Ingraham also gets snubbed against schools around like Ballard, Roosevelt, Lincoln, and Garfield. But are they actually more like the FSU of SPS?


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Ella Eakin, 10/24/23, 11:50pm

        Beans: the magical fruit. A staple in many houses, the subject of nostalgic rhymes, an overall wonder of a food. A bean is defined as “an edible seed, typically kidney-shaped, growing in long pods on certain leguminous plants.” Although this definition seems pretty solid, what really are beans? How do people actually feel about them? According to the Ontario Bean Growers, there are over 400 different types of beans in the world. But which is the best?


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